Mediations and corona-situation

Our office is open for business. Of course, the health of our clients and our colleagues is our top priority, and we have taken required hygienic measures.

If the health of those who participate in the meeting is in no doubt (in line with the RIVM guidelines), we can accommodate mediations with small groups at our office. There is also the possibility of video conferencing. Our mediators will discuss with the parties to the mediation what the best solution for the specific situation is. In doing so, our leading principle is that all participants must be able to agree to the chosen solution.

This applies equally to our other services, such as process counselling, arbitration, binding advice and independent confidential investigations.

If you have any questions about our policy, please contact your mediator. In case you have more general questions, you may contact our office management by telephone: 020-8203400 or by email: