Adriaan Bos

MfN Registered Mediator

T+31 (0) 20 820 34 00
M+31 (0) 6 537 911 77
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Adriaan Bos practised law for 25 years. He was a partner at Trenité Van Doorne, the legacy firm of the present Van Doorne, where he specialised in corporate law, concentrating primarily on partnerships between companies and organisations and the disputes that arose from such partnerships. He has worked as a mediator since 1998.

As a MfN Registered Mediator, Adriaan Bos focuses on business mediation: mediating conflicts with a corporate overtone, such as those between companies (including mergers and acquisitions and commercial conflicts), shareholders, and bodies within legal entities (including managing boards and supervisory boards). He has substantial experience in mediating disputes between professional services providers and in various types of cooperation (including labour related conflicts), both within and between (private and public) organisations.

In addition to his work as a lawyer and mediator, Adriaan Bos has also accrued significant management experience, including as chairman of the Board of Directors of Lex Mundi, an international partnership of law firms, and as chairman of the Board of Trenité Van Doorne and various non-profit organisations. He has also served as chairman of the Supervisory Board of an internationally operating family-owned company, and as chairman of the board of the Franciscaanse Beweging in the Netherlands.

In December 2016, Adriaan Bos’ fiction novel The Truth’s Lawyer (Advocaat van de waarheid) was published.